Day 11: Its (almost) Vegan Sunday

It’s another Sunday. It’s like lazy is my go to. With no agenda and no schedule to follow, I let my sloth self go nuts on Sunday. Just having that freedom was so refreshing that I took leDoggie out on a long walk and made scrambled eggs for EVERY BODY! Oh dang, no photo. Because too much hunger!

I know I mentioned it before, but this whole bit was done in silence, barring certain nods and hmmm’s and mmm’s. Especially in trying to speak to LoML (he is ridiculously supportive of my crazy antics). Blame it on the yoga. This was effectively the most distracted silence I’ve been in. Which just goes to show that if you don’t calm the mind, it makes no difference. Or rather, the whole point is to gain silence, space and clarity in the mind more than the physical plane. More on that in a bit.
I want to say I did a bunch of writing, but the truth is I chilled with some books and crazy ex girlfriend. I did read and plan my schedule, so I wasn’t’ totally unproductive. And hallelujah, a lady masseuse appeared! Suddenly all was well with the world! To celebrate I had a heavy lunch of veggies, rice, prawn curry (maybe I’m pescatarian??) and daal. Normally I’d sleep after a spread like that, not today!! Breaking silence and a special event was waiting for me.
I pranced away to the Raw food and yoga workshop I had signed up for, because yum. And was pleased to be doing gentle ashtanga Vinyasa. I’ve realized I like both classical and Vinyasa styles. A huge departure from my previous stance of “Vinyasa yay, traditional nay”. Apparently it isn’t so boring when you get in tune with the breath. It’s kinda intoxicating. I’m pretty hooked. And changing things up is always a good idea 🙂 This especially after my first attempt at the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series a couple days ago. Loved the physical exertion. But I’m usually so doggone tired, I doubt I’d be able to cultivate an Ashtanga Vinyasa practise without seriously overhauling my entire energy system. Big goals. *tucks away giant looking goal aside*

I did stuff my face with lime cheesecake, chocolate mousse, zucchini pasta and a lively rainbow salad. All vegan and all raw. Oh the wonders your blender can perform.

My body is dropping weight like nobody’s business. I love it! 200-300 grams daily. This is new for me. So I harp on it. And when other people comment on it, well that just makes it more real, I guess. But the bigger yardstick is internal feelings. How am I feelings? Maybe I was so used to chugging caffeine that I never realized how tired I really was? Or maybe this is the extent of my withdrawal, a sense of deep fatigue that only lifts while I sleep or am teaching a class?

Too soon to tell.

Love and Light,



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