Day 12: Fatigue Much? Much!

Today was a totes freaking crazy day!! Back to back classes and not enough sleep means I felt more exhausted than usual. Usual being bad enough, as it is. But my clients are absolute gems. Rehydrating coconut water, 3 bananas and a whole lot of savasana between classes. I hope my energy levels reset soon! I’m tired of being tired. Though my new schedule promises to be a lot less demanding than before. In cutting out at least 2/3 of the travel, I’ll be able to focus my energy on wholesome, fully present classes.

Wins of the Day

*Vegan hot chocolate- Delicious, smooth and sooooo creamy. Just an experiment that went wayyy right and I may have my new comfort food, comfort drink.

*Used my Gratitude beads to chant mercilessly. When in doubt give yourself over to the Higher Powers, the Powers-That-Be and stuff tends to work itself out. You will at the very least survive the day, I told myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*Keeping with the no dinner plans, I’d prepped some Grapefruit and pineapple for my 7 pm meal, but as luck would have it, thanks to a tiring evening class, I came home and had to eat. Ravenous is the word. A cup of soup did the trick. Never underestimate the power of soup. Especially when you plan to not eat ANYTHING in contrast. Life saved!


*Thanks to the late-ish consumption, I finally had time to come back to some reflection and meditation tonight. I haven’t managed to do either thanks to crashing in bed the moment I came home lately, so this was a wonderful change of pace.

And I manage to end the day, not only alive, thank God, but also feeling mildly pleased, slightly replenished, wholly ready to sleep a long night of peaceful sleep.

Love and Rainbows,


Ps. This picture is so awesome. If you know who is responsible for this coolth, let me know? Till then, PC: Some awesome artist 🙂


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