This experience made me focus on why I was unwilling to do certain things rather than on doing them which eventually helped me to get to doing them! Her approach of really getting to the root level was great.:D Thanks Aakriti, for the insight.

Pari, Actor

My discussion with Aakriti was well structured. She asked me a variety of apt questions to understand my situation better. It was only after she caught hold of the situation that we worked on the solutions.
Keep up the good work Aakriti!!!

Poorti, HR Queen

I have finally found a clear path, which I’ve been struggling with and it feels so comfortable and achievable. Our conversations helped me face a few fears about my perception which I am currently working on. I have found the path which I’ve been struggling to find for almost a year now.I am super motivated to turn my life around, be extremely focused and goal oriented. I am happy about it.
Thank you so much, Aakriti, for being not only my life coach but also my friend and helping me and supporting me for the months I’ve doubted myself.

Sue, PR Rockstar

The changes I have seen are tremendous.
From feeling helpless, lonely, fat and sad I started to feel full of love, empowered and in control of my life and my body. I feel much more relaxed about it {..my weight loss journey} and much more inclined towards regularly working out than I used to before my sessions with her.
I have stopped hating my body and myself for what it is. Instead, I can see both my body and myself as something tremendously beautiful.

Pranita, Singer