Day 9 + Day 10 : Perfect Balance

Hallelujah a free day…
Towards the end of the week I begin to think that I don’t work at all. Or that I definitely don’t work enough. A stark contrast from the first few days of the week where I feel like a maniacal busybody hopping around town on a cocaine rabbit.
That said, it’s all about balance, right? Isn’t this balance? Working like no tomorrow and then slacking off for what seems like eternity, all the while feeling completely ill at ease about the general state of affairs?
No? Hmmmmmm
What is balance? Where have we seen it? Heard of it? Got acquainted with it? Maybe in a movie, a picture, an artistic representation of Justice. Balance is everywhere in nature, just not the same kind that I was familiar with.
If you’re like me, you would agree, balance means everything is JUSSSST RIGHT…. Except when was the last time that happened? When was everything just the perfect amount of awesome? I’m not talking about some textbook affirmation kind of “everything is perfect, sunshine, rainbows, puppies and unicorns”, but YOUR version of perfect. When was the last time the guy you wanted to like you, looked at you at the exact moment the sunlight hit you at the best angle possible? That your boss noticed your timely interjection that saved the whole project from impending doom, when you averted the disaster? When did you last magically slip into that gorgeous dress you’d been struggling to wear because your workouts paid off at just the right moment?


Sunlight in my hair PC :

*Ahem. Or maybe the guy saw you while you were sneezing or halfway through a yawn, the team sneered at your valuable input before they implemented it and no acknowledgement came your way ANNNND the dress, let’s not talk about the dress. Anything could happen with the dress. This may or may not be experiences from my life. Ahem.*
If you’re like me, you felt that balance was an impossible ideal that was being lived by everyone and anyone except you Impossible for me, easy peasy for “them”
My concept of what that kind of balance is was rudely shaken up thanks to Marcus Buckingham, when he spoke of this Balance as a state of death. No movement, no growth. In this state of perfect balance is a sense of nothing can move. In a balancing posture, it’s easy to forget to breathe because the nature of the balance is so fragile, that the body instinctively knows to hold everything, including the breath. And where there is no breath, is death. Word!
How do we do balance right? That calls for another post. :*
I move into mauna for the rest of the day, so I’ll be seeing you on the other side!!
Love and hugs


3 thoughts on “Day 9 + Day 10 : Perfect Balance

  1. mattperegrino says:

    Lovely post dude. You write very well. Balance without movement is death – I think that is more or less trying to articulate in my poor way when we were sitting out on the balcony in Arambol that night, talking about detachment. I just hadn’t quite figured out what I was on about. This post gives me something to think about for sure. Thanks! xxx


    • aakritikundu says:

      Thanks Matt! Seasoned blogger’s words of encouragement are more than welcome! 🙂 I’m glad you have something to chew on from this.. Happy forays into Mental Land!

      Liked by 1 person

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