5 Ways to Grow Your Dreams Into Reality

Dream On, Little Dreamers!5 ways to grow your dreams.png

Naturally, while writing so hard about dreams, building and nourishing them, this the song popped into my head. Its a song I’ve loved for ages and it really speaks to me.

Dream on little Dreamer
Follow all of your own signs
Move your Feet
Feel how Sweet it is

– “You Got To Go” Above& Beyond

Alright, lets get down to it. We gotta move our feet, get into action, get moving before we can relish the sweetness of our dream coming to fruition. What are you waiting for?

Here we go!

1. Protect Your Baby from Rumpelstiltskin


Would you give this dude your baby? This guy!! Really?!?! Pic Courtesy: Paul O Zelinsky

Just as you wouldn’t hand your child over to the first person who wanted to eat it, STOP giving your precious dreams to any and everybody to stamp all over. Protect Yourself! Not everyone can handle or support your dream, so don’t expect them to. Your dreams are your responsibility. To take care of them and watch them grow is both your duty and your own reward. Enjoy it. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT share your dreams with just any old stranger from the crowd. Protect your dreams like the fierce lioness protects her cubs! Go Mama!

2. Get a Mental Greenhouse – You know how plants thrive in a Greenhouse? They get all the sunshine, water and nutrients they need from the outside world, while the bugs, pests, wind, cold and disease are kept far away. This isn’t some fortunate accident, it takes work . You have to bring in only the most nutritive elements to keep the plants thriving. Similarly, give your Dream(s) a dedicated area where you can nurture it while keeping away poisonous thoughts of doubt, shame, guilt, etc.that will strangle any life your fragile dream may have right now. Even the strongest desire and most carefree dream can be killed by one wayward strand of doubt. Nothing doing. Strictly positive, fertile Mental Real Estate for this project! Then watch as your dreams get a stronger hold and gain strength and momentum. Ta-da!!

3. Learn Telekinesis – Haha. JK! Not really. But you gotta learn how to PULL your dream forward with your MIND. There’s no distinction between reality and make-believe as far as our minds are concerned. So, make it believe its real and it will be. If this sounds too woo-woo, you may move on to the next step, but you will be passing up on one of the most potent superpowers you have within you. You can also set up a mental fence to keep away all the stuff you don’t want getting into your mental greenhouse. Zap zap zap!! Doubly protected!

4. Dream Scene– Write or visualize your dream scenario taking place. Get really deep into it. Notice all the details and make it really real. Really! Speak it out loud, whisper under your breath if you have to. Just start to get as many of your senses involved in the scene. See how it occurs, what do you do to make it happen. Maybe what you want is that killer bod. Feel your muscles as you stretch after working out. Notice how easily you fit into your clothes. Catch your eye in the mirror and marvel at how your hair and skin glow and how you’re smiling at yourself because you know you look mighty fine in them jeans. Ummm!

5. Find a Space Holder – Once you have tended to your dream and are comfortable with watching them grow, you can start turbo-boosting them into reality by finding a space holder. Somebody who you can trust to respect and watch over your dream with love and care. Like a Godparent. This can be a coach, a mentor, a friend or family member. Pick someone you trust and value highly, who you can be completely honest with. If this is a coach or professional you’re all set! If not, your job is to set them up, tell them how important it is to you and ask to be supported no matter how ridiculous it may seem to them. Coaches are trained to hold space and support you. Your friends and family will respond based on how you ask them to, so be very clear and thorough. If they can see how much it means to you, they can support you the way you need! Woohoo!

Which strategy are you starting to implement right away?
Have you used any of these dream builders before? How’d it go?
Let’s hear all about it in the comments 🙂 Go Wildddd!

To your Wildest Dreams and Deepest Desires


Aakriti ❤


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