Hello Dream Machine (Part 1)

Hey there!
It turns out that writer’s block happens all the time, but if you listen to the muse ( as Soul Queen Danielle Laporte puts it) you never need to worry.
I just put up this picture and post up on my Facebook and Insta. It got me all fired up.
People have been shitting on this particular vision board of mine. Telling me everything that they think I haven’t heard and don’t know about “how this really happens” Ummmm, thanks but no thanks. There’s something so beautifully infuriating about seeing your personal (read : private, as in no one asked what you think about MY stuff) vision being manhandled and thrown into the trash. But fury isn’t helping you or me, but it did inspire all of this. So epic silver lining, I would say!
Here’s the  post and the longer version, just for all of you who came here, follows. Be prepared to dig deep right now.
This is my motivation board.
These women are badass. They are inspiring as fuck.
Those bodies say “we take care of ourselves, come what may”
When people see this on my phone, they look shocked. “Is this what you want to look like?”body-motivation-board
I’m so tempted to judge, instead I nod. I know what these ladies represent : strength, commitment, sexiness, badassery, never giving up
Let’s not shoot down each other’s dreams, shall we? Let’s lift each other up.
You want more cash? Let’s lift you up
You want more vacation days? Lift up
You want that perfect wedding/ birthday/ event? Lift up
There’s no honor or valor in shitting on somebody’s dream nor does it bring any of us
closer to what we want.
Be the light. If you can’t support it, don’t tear it down.
What dream would you like to see come true? Share it here, I’m waiting to support you!

I know you thought of your own dreams while you read that. AWESOME, that’s exactly what you need to think of as you go through the next part. If you didn’t think of anything yet, STOP! Pick a dream right this instant. Now you may move ahead.

We all have dreams!

Say it with me “It’s okay to have dreams.” In fact its better than good. It’s fantastic. And as much as you need your dreams to survive, they need you to tend to them to come forward, bursting into life! Everyone has dreams they hide from scrutiny, basically other people. We push them to the backs of the closet, under the bed or carpet, sometimes stuffing them into a shoebox. “I know I do that sometimes. But,Why?” you ask. It’s simple.

We can’t bear to have our dear dreams squashed. So We Hide ‘Em.

Criticism, skepticism and even sarcasm from somebody else can crash our hopes and smash the dream we fight so hard to keep alive. Most lethal is if its someone you admire, trust greatly or look up to. Yikes!! It’s like one look or one smirk drove a spear through your heart and annihilated that glimmer of hope you had of achieving the dream. That idea you clung to, the image of your happiness is now gone. And even though you never had it come to life, the void left in your happiness by the Dream-murder can feel like a real tragedy. Sometimes physical pain will spread from my chest out towards the ends of my body, because yes, this still happens once in a while. Whoopsidoodah. So we decide, really early on, to not face this Trauma anymore. Let’s hide this ray-of-soul-sunshine in a nice dark corner that nobody will ever see, says Col. Defence Mechanism. If you can’t see it, you can’t steal it. Irrefutable logic!

Ugh! Why Doesn’t ANYONE Get It?

We have our own ideas about what will make us happy. You are unique, in literally ANY and EVERY way possible. What holds value for you, will never appeal to anyone else in EXACTLY the same way. No matter how much you may want them to Just. GET. IT. Give it up, if you’re trying. Does it sound like I’m condoning the hiding of your dreams? If you’re imagining  running up the cliff face of your mind, hiding in a small cave, stroking your most loved dream repeatedly and calling it “My Preciouuuussssss” You are totally inside my mind right now and we should get a cup of coffee. But no, that’s not what we are doing with our dreams.

Your Dreams Need You To Come Out and Play

Drop the Gollum, right now and step away from the cave. Your dream needs watering, sunshine and time to play with you and your other dreams. You want that baby to come to life, right? It’s not getting any nourishment sitting in that corner. Pull back the curtains and let the light in! Need more ideas to turn your Mind into a lean, mean, Dream Machine?

What’s one big dream that you’ve been hiding from the world (and maybe even yourself)? Which dream are you excited to build on?

Bring it into the light by putting it into the comments below.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 where we discuss Dreambuilding strategies you can employ RIGHT NOW!!

To your Wildest Dreams coming True

With Fairy Dust and Watering Cans



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