7 Devils Keeping You On “Snooze”

I’ve had an impromptu sabbatical. Not impromptu in the spur-of-the-moment sense. I knew I was going, headed over to another continent for a fam-jam kinda holiday. But the sense of hot-damn, abandon-ship that happened with my practises, that was wholly unexpected. Yikes!

Reminds me of what a client was saying today. He said,

“Sometimes in life we want to push ourselves harder and further, we know we are capable, we just don’t know how. You need to create strength for that.”

This is serious food for thought for me. May be you feel the same way.
You know you are capable.
You can do this (whatever this is) , you’ve done this and more like this before.

But you still feel unable.

  • To get started.
  • To push harder.
  • To push further.

It feels counter intuitive for sure. ” I know I CAN. But I still… can’t!” And there’s probably a lot of cursing involved. But still no MOVEMENT.

Movement is key. It is growth, it’s getting closer to your dreams. Where the hell is the movement, for crying out loud?

Ever ounce of struggle diminishes resolve. It doesnt help to struggle within yourself, cuz that just means you have lesser energy to actually get shit done. You feel too tired to do it? you probably wrestled yourself to a point of exhaustion from where it’s impossible to summon the energy. to…. lift…. a… finger. And another dream crawls into bed, yawning “Nah, ,she’s not ready yet. It looked like we were good to go for a minute there. Maybe next time. zzzzz”

Stop letting your dreams SNOOZE!!!!!!

We’re in this together.

The 7 devils draining your energy?

  • Unlimited Social Media. Hello NewsFeed aka Rabbit-Hole of Eternal Time.
  • Negative Nelly’s – Can’t work on your dreams if you need to keep defending them.
  • Declaring Laziness- That’s a comfy label. Is it really you?
  • Morning Routines- Or lack thereof.
  • Empty Cups/Tanks- What are you pouring into yourself?
  • Physical Clutter- Stuff, stuff and more stuff.
  • Self Talk- Arguments, protests, chatter. ALL of it.

These are heavy topics and probably posts in and of themselves.

For now, start getting curious about which of these apply to you, maybe. What sounds familiar and what makes you sick to just think about it. Yep, both are important.

With awareness comes solutions. And by God, them solutions are needed! Also, with complaining come problems, so cut that out NOW!

God bless and be good. See you in the next post 🙂




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