Day 19: Snotty Girl!

One of the sexiest things that can happen when I wake up is have a stuffed up nose. The sensation of congested claustrophobia, the feeling of not being able to breathe and of course the wet sounds of blowing my nose really turns me on. NOT!

A lot of people find this classic cold symptom accompany them in times of “weather change” Sure. Let’s just blame it on the weather. Even though in a city like Bombay, where the weather usually never changes all that much. Every 3 months or so I would fall sick, a cold or a fever, some kind of bug would bring me down. I think, in retrospect, that was just my body begging for rest because I like to go all in and go HARD. Rest days make me anxious, my dormant laziness comes out to the fore and sometimes I can’t shake off the lethargy for WEEKS!! I just don’t trust my self with time off. So I push, push, PUSHHHH!!

Here I am with an uber congested Upper Respiratory Tract (URT) and feeling supremely suspicious, because honestly it should have figured itself out by now. I don’t want to deal with a cold. Or be sick. Being sick sucks. It just sucks. It hit me that I maybe I’m looking at it back wards, and decided to jump into research of the Ayurvedic Kind.

I am no Expert or even a remote STUDENT of Ayurveda, but I have heard countless happy reviews and success stories. People are super stoked with this ANCIENT science that is still relevant and very much ON the Money! As I Dove deeper and deeper into my Ayuresearch, I was fascinated and totally overwhelmed. But I did find one useful tidbit of information.  Calma your Ama. Your Ama being the whole delicious, sexy mucus that’s so busy partying it up in the URT that you can’t get it to leave the system. Go home, already, Ama! ANd wouldn’t you know what was the number one solution for my particular problem?

Warm water with Honey and Lemon- The Early Morning Elixir. Not only will it lubricate my insides, the honey is a top notch Ama-Calmer, helps to flush the stuff out of the system. Since the body cools over the night and especially during sleep, it’s almost like the Ama (cuz Imma not say Mucus no more) settles down and gets even more stuffy. So on waking it just feels like a heavy cloud of snot has descended into my breathing apparatus. Totes uncool! The winner for me of course, was the multi faceted, supreme WIN-ness of the Early morning Elixir.

  • Helps Digestion? Check
  • Detoxifies the system? Check
  • Gets the Bowels Rolling? Check
  • Reduces Mucosal Congestion? Check
  • Clears Skin? Check
  • Hydration? Check

Beyond awesome. Needless to say the Morning Elixir is being added to my list of habits to form. For Shizz!



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