Day 18: Massage me!

I’ve got the warm, afternoon air surrounding me. Its a sultry Mumbai day, after all. The blinds are drawn, there’s no direct sunlight, but the oil seeping into my skin and the hands working on my muscles creates a magical, healing, warm cocoon in which I stay nestled for a LONG, long time. Before I emerge into the outside world, I allow myself to be fully absorbed into the smells, the touch and the relaxation of the massage. It is a glorious day.

Having complained of tightness and pain in my back and legs, almost continually for the past few days, it was heartening to see the Masseuse. I threw my hands up into the air and thanked the Lord, as I usually do. Salvation is here. Hallelujah. And yes the drama is quite a commno occurrence. I mean no harm, I’m just super expressive. Warm oil and some even pressured strokes later, I float out of the room, light as a feather and gleeful as a new baby. It feels like the most pleasant form of Rebirth!

You only need get one massage to be hooked. I’m grateful to know some wonderful massage therapists and local maalishwalis (local, ,elderly ladies who will rub oil into you like you’re a rag and then SQUEEZE the life and worries out of you. About as pleasant as it sounds). As a dancer-turned-yoga teacher, I am very well versed with sore muscles. Its part of our daily. If you’re not sore, you’re not doing it right– Could very well be the anthem. Basically, sore pain and I are old friends. And I’ve never backed down from giving it my all. I look forward to sore pain, its sweet, its an achievement in its own right I feel. But too much of a good thing is bad. And muscular pain, no matter how sweet, still falls into thtis category. Every now and then, at least once a month, my body craves a massage.

Never tried it? Hawww! How could you!! Look at all the awesome benefits your body gets from massage!

  • Detangling the physical and energetic knots.
  • Stimulating circulation.
  • Better Digestion.
  • Soft, healthy, supple skin.
  • Relaxation of the body.
  • Activation and Release of Happy Hormones.
  • Skin Tightening.
  • Breaking up of Cellulite.
  • Moving Lymph around.
  • Nerve Stimulation.

The amount of good, juicy and yummy benefits that massage provides is amazing.

Why I love massage? Other than all the obvious reasons listed above, you mean? Oh…Because it helps me feel more centered and connected to my own body. I work with a lot of different people and sometimes you unknowingly exchange energy with people. I may not even realize that I’m carrying their “stuff” around with me. Their pain, their memories, their emotions. They may feel lighter but I may not be doing so well. Yikes. Massage helps me physically and emotionally let go of all this “stuff”. My own and others’. Sorry about that, didn’t mean to pick it up. I’ll just put it back in the Universal Lost and Found. Let Source figure out what to do with that one!

I am aware that a lot of people consider Massage to be an expensive, luxury pampering, but I really believe its one of those Self Care Practices (more on this later) that can actually make all the differencae in your productivity, your balance, your energy levels and your overall happiness. To me massage is an investment that I am happy to make considering how quickly it allows me to bounce back from a demanding week and preps me for another without missing a beat. And my massage-less weeks, they are anohter kind of horror. I recommend weekly massages to my clients, ideally. Once a month, at the very least. Because YOU need to take care of you FIRST!

How do you like your massage? Soft strokes or hard pressure?

How often do you get massaged?

Have you never gotten a massage?

Tell me all about your massage life in the comments!

With coconut oil and Bliss

Aakriti xoxo

Ps- In other news, I caught up with another TV show today. Superheroes just know how to make me happy! Juicy day.. Mmmm mmmmmm!!


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