Day 14 : One more installment

(Yes day 13 is missing. Turns out an over taxed mind can forget things if you don’t make note of them right away. So wish I had a little black book to jot down pointers, like some other bloggers I know!)

The number of days I’m behind on this blog is absolutely nottttt funny!! Yet another day is done. And watch how the week flew by! It’s Wednesday, and a lot less tiring than the last couple of days has been. I’m inspired to look into where I’m allowing my energy to drain, where am I letting myself off the hook in terms of my boundaries, my goals. As long as I stay hooked to my vision, where I’m headed, the charging forward, the surging ahead is strong.

“The force is strong in this one.”
– Qui-Gon Jinn

As the days fly by and I get more and more acquainted to this new way of living and eating, I find myself wondering what could the possible upsides be to living like this. Other than the fact that I seem to be more decisive and more resolute about sticking to my guns in this space (I’m hoping that will trickle down into other aspects of life too), what else could this little experiment offer me?
And the truth that I already sense my will expanding and gaining strength makes me believe with complete certainty that this is Tapa.
“What is Tapa?“, you ask. ” Oh!  Sorry, I thought you knew! Tapa is the yogic term for austerity and purificatory activities meant for higher spiritual evolution ”
Sounds fancy, right? It’s not. It’s hard. Or at least that’s what I thought.

This whole experience is an exercise in Tapa. Going on an abstinence from the things I thought brought me joy. To be doing what needs to be done for the highest good, for a higher purpose. To cleanse and purify. To make the body and mind stronger.

This is Tapa. All of it is, if you think about it. Every time you take the step to elevate yourself, working “hard” (or smart) towards a higher goal. And you’re goal doesn’t necessarily have to be spiritual. My goals mostly are NOT dictated by conventional spirituality. A step towards Joy in your life. A step towards Love and Peace. To that effect even your hot Tinder date can be a step towards your overall well-being in life. If you’re motivated to take a stand for your personal health, well-being and joy, to me that’s plenty spiritual. Any time you are saying No to the accepted norm and choosing to do something that nourishes your spirit, you my lovely, are practising your own version of Tapa.

Don’t let anyone tell you different. And if they argue, send them over to this write up, right here.

More power to you!

Aakriti xoxo


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