Day 8: A New Layer

book2_kaleidoscope_photo_dotted-wishes-no-7-kaleidoscope-joy-mckenzieLook at these beautiful colors!! Today marked the beginning of the second week of this challenge! Woohoo!
I’ve been just so bad at rewarding myself in the past with progress. If it wasn’t an absolute, outstanding win, I would give my self no credit! No matter how hard I tried, I never won. Naturally, these are not the ways of efficient goal setting or highly effective people.. In All the books about living well this point is emphasised: If one is to set up a habit or some sort of daily routine, one needs to put in daily effort till said habit is formed. And consistent effort counts way more than one off grandiose madnesses. So BASICALLY, this whole experiment is for me to feel motivated and to feel awesome as I move forward. Public accountability and transparency!

What do you think of when you see this kaleidoscopic, swirling whirring image? I feel like its Energy, manifesting in new forms, new visuals, new directions and its representative of Creation itself. The one Universal energy that inhabits us all and presents to us varied viewed and experiences in the same physical space and reality. Kaleidoscopes are awesome.. They also remind me that my one perspective, important as it may be, is not all there is. There is always something new, different happening. Always another way to approach a situation, another perspective to a problem.
I felt inspired to up the stakes a little and it’s always advisable to experiment a little. This week I’m adding a new layer to my 100 day challenge. No dinner. *gasp, sputter, choke* Yes, that sounds crazy to most people, especially those of us for whom Dinner is the ONLY real meal. I find myself more eager and more excited to try something new, and the momentum of the last week has made me super ballsy. So it’s no dinner for a week. I’ve seen and heard of people dropping fat from this simple practise, time and again. And like any good skeptic, I saw with my own eyes and pshawed with my own mind. Yoga speaks of eating with the sun, once the sun sets so should your appetite, so no food after sunset. I’ve only allowed for an intellectual understanding of this concept up until now. “Why yes, that would make sense. In such and such ways. Hmmmm” *adjusts monocle*

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got

It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to do the “right” things and to do then we’ll to the best of my abilities. As I let go of craving attention and approval from the whole wide world, I find ample validation sitting forth from my own Self. Works for me. First dinnerless night done. Woot woot!


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