Day 7: It’s been a week! What?!

Its not been the fastest week ever, but it definitely hasn’t been a slow week by any measure. And it’s all been done off caffeine and sugar and milk and gluten? I’m surprised, I’m impressed with myself and a little flummoxed. It wasn’t supposed to be this easy. Where is the hard part? I read about withdrawal headaches, I think I even had them the ast time I tried to give up the black gold (by which I mean Caffeinated beverages and not crude oil) Is it on its way to me and like all well meaning delivery mishaps, somehow lost in transit? Maybe its going to hit me in the middle of my train journey later today?

Somehow between practising yoga asanas and cleansing techniques, this otherwise daunting and seemingly humongous dietary change has happened without much fuss. I end up saying no to a lot of food and invitaions. I don’t eat off everyone’s plate like I used to. Have I grown stronger? Like I said, I am utterly and completely astonished. There comes the ugly thought parade!! *squeals with excitement*

IF it is this easy, why didn’t I do this before?

*bum bum baaaaaam*

I was prepared for difficult, I spoke about it at length with the Fam and LoML and my memo clearly indicated the mood swings and generla irritability and lack of sociable conduct to follow. Fair warnings and premeditated apologies were issued beforehand. Not one was required. Yet. Good thing there’s no expiration on those things *yuk yuk yuk* And just like that the parade floats away *waves*

Speaking of waves, I watched the sea from a client’s window. It blows my mind how calm and serene it is slightly off the beach, the waves are mellow ripples, the fishing boats seem untouched, maybe a gentle bob here and there, otherwise all is calm. I find this particular activity, watching the kites soar near the coconut trees off the coast, extremely calming and the client in question is such a darling! This moment is ¬†restorative and as I tick seven days off this challenge, I take a moment to give thanks for this motivational push, the way my life is changing and all that I am learning as a result! May I have more energy to do more awesome stuff.. And may you find ways and means to bump up your own energy meters! Onwards, mates!


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