Day 6: The Skinny on Tea


Organic Tulsi Green tea.. So much yum!

If you’re one of those people who loves green tea, you may not resonate with this part of the post so just skip ahead a few paragraphs. I always wondered what the whole deal with green tea was. Being in the fitness industry, the number of insta-green-tea-bombings is massive. And I’m not taking about those very weird, kinda fake, only for advertisement “Skinny Tea” segment. I’ll let Cassey Ho from Blogilates do the honours on that one.
I’m  taking you back in time to a couple weeks ago when Natasha sends me a picture of her giant cup of yellow tea and her huge smile. And I think to myself, what a wonderful retard. Because I didn’t get it. Why were so many people hooked on green tea? Yes, yes, I know it’s full of antioxidants (read better skin, anti ageing, more energy), is effectively no calories and no sugar, helps keep you hydrated, less hungry (even better for that good skin, anti ageing and more energy). But these are all theoretical concepts. In reality, to me, green tea was tasteless and blah. If I try to force taste out of it, it’s just way too strong and bitter and totally gross. Were people really gaga about this insipid cup of nothingness? Why don’t you just swallow air instead? Except, Bombay air, because swallowing that may kill you much faster. Unbelievable!!!
(Green tea lovers may start reading from here before you make a big fuss that I’m dissing your drink)
That was where I started off. And if it wasn’t for this chest congestion I’ve been chilling with, I’d probably still be on that side of the fence. However, I NEED something hot to drink, and milky tea and coffee are out of the question. As is hot chocolate, cuz that’s mainly milk and sugar over here anyway.
So what was I left with? Freaking’ green tea. I cursed and then I ventured into a cup of Tulsi tea. kLast I know, I had enjoyed it after my massage at the Reflexology place the  few times I’d been. But I’d never chosen to have it of my own accord. This was big, I’m stepping into the unknown people. There was no looking back from that first cup (pictured above), since for the last 5 days or so I’ve been having some tea or the other.
The most astonishing day being yesterday, when I chose to have a heavy fruit laden, late evening meal that left me too full for dinner. And in a stroke of inspiration I decided to carry a flask of green tea for my throat to feel loved.
Sipping in the tea through the lectures, travelling, I came home and wasn’t tempted to have another meal since late night meals mean I’m not going to sleep as well, and got on with my work. I told you there was a surprise, this morning my weighing scale showed I was a whole kilo lower than yesterday. Wait, WHAT? One kilo. 1000 grams. 2.2lbs. Gone! Just like that. With one flask of tea (?!?!?!?)
Please note, I’m not saying drinking copious amounts of tea is going to give you a flat belly, 6 pack abs and superhuman strength. It does however provide a nourishing way to manage mealtimes and in betweens. Not to mention all of the real benefits of drinking green tea or herbal tea (the ones made from herbs and having no caffeine). All in all, it was the weighing scale that finally pushed me into the tea drinking zone. Today I was super kicked with a ginger-lemongrass-tulsi tea and maybe another couple greens. Yay! I’m on the bandwagon, baby!!
Also I shifted the weighing machine from one place to another in the house and it claimed that I lost 2 kilos, so naturally I jumped around the house in glee at 11pm and lmao’d.
Off to enjoy another cuppa now, I’ll see you on the flip side!!


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