Day 5: Diet on My Mind

Its a MONDAY! Happy Monday 🙂

Okay, I realize this is going up on a tuesday night, so just take the greeting in the spirit of things and don’t give me that pouty look. I can see you rolling your eyes at me. But, that’s okay 😛

I did a lot of running around today that left me feeling quite exhausted and craving a pick me up (aka caffeine). I found myself saying “I gotta lie down, I gotta rest” and instead of doing ANY of that I whiled away time staring at my phone. D’oh!!

By the time I reached the institute, I was so doggone tired….. Okay, this story is getting boring, lets cut to the chase and bring the interesting bits forward.


“All this food should be in me” – My face

We were talking about ways in which we allow the senses to go completely crazy, when the teacher asked for examples, my thoughts went immediately to stuffing my face at a buffet setting. Did I mention I love food and think about it a lot? Running my life according to what should I eat, when should I eat it, how long has it been since I last ate (because science says to eat every 2 hours, yoga says to eat every 4) has become the norm over the last few years. And as much as I love numbers, this mental math keeps me somewhat preoccupied throughout the day. Can you imagine, how physically exhausting it is to keep a constant mental calculator open and call it fun? *whistles* I think this girl’s gone Crayyyyyyzeeeee!food2

Right after that, however, the Director of the Institute was addressing us on Ahar (Diet)! Holy mother of wow, talk about synchronicity. I really believe I only get to see and hear what I really need everyday. And after guilting myself heavy about my instant thoughts of gluttony, Hansaji’s little discourse was a balm to my soul. We were discussing mindful eating. Its not so much about what you eat, rather how you eat. I’m guilty of stuffing my face with cookies over the sink and polishing off whole chocolates while plopped in front of Modern Family. And we all recognize that NOTHING about the above sentence is good for us. Except Modern Family, cuz that’s hilarious! Coming back to it, we explored the idea of eating hurriedly versus taking your time, setting up a peaceful environment in which to eat, maximising the innate nourishing and healinng capacity of whatever food you eat and how to come fully into the body so you never have to worry about being UNmindful. It was a beautiful sessionfor me, I was all ears from start to finish. It made me question my 100 day challenge for just a hot second, but I know I’m doing this for the full experience of gluten, dairy and caffeine free living. No worries, still doing the challanege, still got 95 days to go.

In short, today I learnt:

1)Stuffing food in face – Bad

2)Stuffing food in face at the speed of light – so Bad

3)Eating calmly and mindfully – Good

4)Modern Family – Very good

I am not paid to advertise the tv show, I just think its cool and want to see another episode. Oh, and I’ve also dropped 600 grams since starting the challenge. So that gave my ego/efforts a boost! Yippee yay! Toodles for now!


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