Day 4: Sunday Morning!!

“Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling.. Steal some cover, share some skin….”

I’ve had this Maroon 5 song stuck in my head all day, today! After a restful and rejuvenating Saturday, I found a raring to go feeling for Sunday. Its a good thing there wasn’t a lot to do, though because the chilling bug was still in me!

The one really fun part of my Sundays, that I always looked forward to for years, was meeting up with my gal pals. After a long week of dancing class after class, stretching like a maniac, rising from the brink of exhaustion and being sore continuously, it was a relief to talk about normal things ie. Boys and food, to catch up with the world (I have so many interests, you see – God, Food, Boys, Sleep, Fitness. Its called being multifaceted.)

However, that has taken a back seat in the last year as I’ve been traversing the unchartered waters of being a freelance Yoga Instructor. Soooooo.. It was refreshing to be able to see yet another friend today. Even though it was late by the time I finally met her, 8 pm is pretty late by yoga standards, okay.. The sun has set and everything. I should be asleep. But I’m a rule breaker of my own kind. I was excited about it, alright!

What was interesting to note for me, apart from the fact that the restaurant offered nothing that I could actually eat with my current dietary restrictions, was that once again my friend, lets call her S, were headed down similar paths – she too decided to go gluten free and skip the sugary stuff. Public shout out!!!


For you, S! Keep going!

I know this is especially huge and hard for her, given her lifestyle and all the kinds of stuff she likes to eat. I’m so proud of you! Big big props. I was mighty impressed and even though there was a lot I wanted to discuss with her, including the possibility of starting up a business together (yet again, we’ve decided to start a business once every 2 years.. No biggie) I just couldn’t handle the space anymore. The music and people were sooooo loud, I felt a little blinded, the bright lights were suffocating and I couldn’t think straight or concentrate on what I was saying for more than 2 seconds at a time. I don’t remember feeling this disoriented ever before. Its like being lost in a foreign country, with no map, where nobody speaks your language. Actually, that has happened before, and this was so much worse. Mental stifling. Brand new experience. Gahhh *pulls hair out* As S pput it, ” Maybe cuz you’re just so used to peaceful and quiet places.” I wouldn’t have it any other way! Bring on the silence, please!



I wonder if that’s a side effect of the gut cleanse, though. Are my senses becoming more sensitive as I rid my body of toxins? Just as you would get supremely, terribly affected by a beer right after a juice cleanse. I’m curious, but not enough to put myself into a public lights and sound zone anytie soon. though there is a wedding going down in about 3 weeks that will be pretty freakin’ crazy. I hope, whatever this is, will figure itself out by then!

Wins of the day:

*I did an awesome practice, Ashtanga Vinyasa – Halfway through the Primary Series. MAN!! That sequence kicked my butt in the most wonderful way! I know I’m going for a certification to Mysore ASAP!! Sweaty and highly rejuvenated, I loved it so much! And the postures being kinda advanced even at the primary level suits me just fine.

*More is the number of people asking me to help them with weight-loss 😀


*I gots Dinner done and dusted by 7 pm, yo!! Hahaha.. I’ve been meaning to so thaat for a while. Some more of that delish raw oats porridge! *drool face*

* No real caffeine withdrawal – No headaches, no sign of weakness. Hurray!

We gonna see what Monday brings to the table, next. I do need to be getting some more sleep though *yawns*


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