Day 3: Getting a Groove On

I wish I could say I danced through the day but that’s not true. Not even close.
The truth is that I slept. I slept in late in the morning; napped during the afternoon and lazed in the evening. I’m blaming fatigue, I swear it wasn’t me. The truth is I have been pretty shit at taking care of myself lately (and for the most part of ever). I’ve been push-push-pushing and my body went “Hell no, I need a break!” You know when clients start cancelling classes on certain days you want to nap, that the UNIVERSE wants you TO TAKE A FREAKIN NAP, ALREADY!
So I did. And it was awesome. And even though I would normally beat myself up about how unproductive a day of lazing is, I actually noticed myself being HAPPY and thus productive on a whole other level.
*I completed an assignment for class (I did it late last night, but I’m counting it in today’s productivity. Post midnight, aite?)
*Spoke to the Love of My Life (LoML) for like two hours, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do in a few days
*Made a killer batch of bliss balls. Chocolate. Peanut butter. Frikkin heaven.


Them guilt free choco balls! Ooohhhh yeah!

*Made a new batch of almond milk- with cinnamon and dates. I’ve been missing out. This almond milk is revolutionary. I mean, my world just got turned upside down!! But in the best way possible.. Creamy, smooth, sweet, deeeeeelishus!!
*Instagrammed like a mofo😎😎😎
By which I mean I drooled over outrageous yoga positions and beautiful vegan food! My insta feed is what inspiration is made of. It’s one of life’s outright pleasures and a definite rabbit hole. But a splurge once in a while is advised by my doctor. So we’re all good!
*Went over to my friend’s, again, haven’t seen her in forever. Yay, for girl time. Sitting around, talking about things – important and otherwise, came away feeling light and bubbly.
*Also, look at dinner!! This went down at 7:30 and I was full till 10pm and very calm after aka no hunger pangs. Totes win.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve been working myself a little hard, and this rest day has been so good, that I’m thinking to keep a day off. Even though the monies, they call to me. Be strong, Aakriti!
Taking time for yourself, taking care of ourselves is just such an integral part of living well. Yet, so overlooked and something I hear about constantly.
No time to journal. No time to meditate. No time to practise. No time to make a quick healthy meal/snack. No time to sing and dance *gasps loudly* It’s blasphemy!
None of us choose to come out to this planet to work our fingers to the bone and float away. Just by the mere fact that you’re reading this, I know that you came here for more. To experience a rich, beautiful life. This is what I came for, for sure. Simply because of the way my soul lights up when I do these nourishing things, that take time. If I don’t get paid for it but the payoff is rich, vibrant energy I’d want the rich and the vibrant (experiences, people, food, you name it) Even if I don’t take them, any and all readers – you can now hold me accountable, I mean to take them. It’s just nice to be reminded once in a while.
If you feel the same way, can I get a high five? Thanks man!


One thought on “Day 3: Getting a Groove On

  1. Anjana says:

    This is great inspiration Akriti. A person who is whole and happy within, is a person who can perform all their responsibilities with absolute passion and confidence. It’s seems you blog, Please send me the link.


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