Day 2: Winning the Day

Today seemed a whole lot better than yesterday. For one, I wasn’t as groggy as yesterday. In the morning, I actually felt alright! Could it be the green tea, I wonder. I had a couple servings of herbal tea, ginger and lemon (to be specific) so I didn’t miss the feeling of sipping something warm. Usually whenever I feel a bit under the weather, my one size fits all solution is a cup of coffee. A big ol’ steamin’ hot cup of Joe. Knows just how to fix my mood ( or so I tell myself). If this discourse on warm beverages is confusing, look to the prologue post to tie it all together. I promise it’ll make sense. If you still don’t get it, don’t worry, there will be ample references to my love affair with coffee. I’m sure of it.

You see, (*here we go again*) It was far easier for me, mentally, to turn vegetarian than to give up coffee. At least I could think about vegetarianism, I had played with the idea in my head, tossed it about for a bit before I took it up. The first time I went vegetarian I lasted 3 weeks, the first time I gave up coffee I lasted 36 hours. Its a whole other ball game! I never thought it was affecting me badly. It was just such a normal part of my day to day. So maybe I’m still dealing with that. Excuse moi.

The really cool thing about today though was that not only did the Subject do her own asana practise (something she had begun to ignore) but she also sat for her meditation, which had previously been flung out of the window, indefinitely.


I have really gotta start using my own photos. Thanks Google for all the pics on this page!

Did you see my breakfast bowls? I put in sunflower seeds and avocado. All that was missing was some super exotic acai to make it a superfood bowl, but I get ahead of myself. I made an avocado mash too.It would be guacamole except I didn’t put all the seasoning into it. Whoops.. Its okay to live without garlic once in a while, you guys! Don’t fear, I haven’t lost download.jpgmy mind …yet. I was even almost entirely vegan, except for some sausage I scarfed down in my late night dinner. Ermm, yeah, dinner happened post 9. Upside: at least it wasn’t 10:30 or 11 pm, as it sometimes is. Chocolate strawberries with palm sugar were the highlight of the day. Along with that gorgeous papaya *swoons*

The pics are up on my Instagram to the left, to the left! All in all it was a win of a day. It even rained today, super uncharacteristic to be raining in the beginning of March, but it meant we had lovely weather all day, yay!

Side note: I have loaded up on coconut milk, papaya, musk melon and pineapple. So I’m gonna be talking about these guys next. A teacher from the institute looked at my food haul and asked if that’s all I eat, fruit. I guess it is for now. Soon it will be watermelon season, then things are gonna get crazy! I’m not a big fan of fruit juice (because Sugar) but watermelon is almost completely juice in a peel. Does this mean strawberry season is over? Time to stock the freezer with sweet, end-of-season strawbs!


Yup, that’s what my plate usually looks like 🙂


Awesome day for my checklist! Woohoo.. Day 2 won. 98 to go 😀


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