Day 1: We have Lift Off!

Is it blast off or lift off?

Either way, wrapping up day 1 was definitely interesting 🙂

I started off the day with making almond milk, and a lovely fruity-chia and oats pudding, lots of nutrition in there to start off the day. I did have a teeny-tiny cup of coffee, black and with palm sugar (and coconut oil!) But other than that, the rest of the day was gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine free!! Woohoo..

Late in the day, I felt a little dizzy, blurry vision and all that so I canned my (somewhat iffy and totally tentative) plans and came home to chill!! Which was great because I finally had the time to journal and post on the blog and got a LOT of stuff checked off my to do list!

So does eating better and lightening the inflammatory ingredients from my diet help me concentrate better, get more stuff done and be VASTLY more productive than I was before? Maybe.. Its naturally too soon to tell but I’m so jazzed to find out. These are the kinds of hypotheses you wish are true (and may bend data to prove the same) even if your sample size is JUST you.

“Just you” is the only sample size you SHOULD be concerned about. What works for me, may not work for you. Its our responsibility towards our own bodies to know what works for each of us, individually. Each body has its own special, unique configuration. Everything I have read on the subject and the tons of people who went into this inward journey have only come out of it feeling lighter, happier and more completely themselves. Sounds totally worth a shot to me!

juice fast.jpg

That being said, does EVERYONE have to go on a juice fast or a multitude of diets before they have figured out what works? Generally, the recommendation is to do an active study, start by cutting out a known allergen (gluten, sugar, caffeine, yada, yada) for 90 days so you’re body is fully relieved of any symptoms like bloating or inflammation, and then reintroduce it in small quantities. Notice any differences. Like I said, its an active study which means you have to STUDY any changes and any effects you may notice in the physical body and in your energy or emotional state.

I’ve always been a tad bit extreme so I’m attempting to cut out 4 classes of food that my body is not only used to, but has grown to be dependent on. I’m still taking a call on whether or not I will continue to be vegetarian in this process, because I’m honestly scared of running out of food to eat! Eeeeeps!

Other wins of the day: Got my practise in, had two really good classes, did my meditation, tapped on the train, was a rockstar, kept my sense of humor, learnt some awesome stuff in my Bhagavad Gita class.

Day 1, yogis.. That’s a wrap!! #gameon #100days

(Images courtesy : google search. Original image from the US govt! and


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