The 100 Day Challenge

To say that I’ve been looking for something to write about is a GROSS understatement. I’ve been struggling. The urge to speak, communicate, make a connection has been so strong, but Fear finds its way into the conversation and all previous attempts at blogging came to a screeching halt before I even knew what was happening.

So after reading “The Happiness of Pursuit” by Chris Guillebeau (how is that pronounced? Is it French?) I found myself leaning towards undertaking a quest of my own. Initially I was tempted to take on a travel pursuit. How exciting to visit all the countries of the world over the next 7-10 years!! But I know I’m itching to go through an internal journey first. (Travelling is happening, yay, and I will be writing about that as well! :D)

Lo and behold, a 100 Day FitDiary came to mind! Like the Arrow (TV Series), I won’t give you a full back story right off the bat, rather in bite sized pieces in the days to come. For now it suffices to know that :-

a) I learn and teach yoga + coach women on health and weight loss

b) I have a food addiction on so many levels that I’m ready to shake off

c) I am generally quite awesome, I suck at a number of things and like to play by my own rules (and all of those points are equally cool and equally important).

Speaking of RULES, for this challenge the ones that apply are:

  1. Eat as much as you want as long as it is a) Gluten Free b) Dairy Free c) Processed Sugar Free d) Caffeine Independent 
  2. Green tea, till infinity and beyond.
  3. Eat on time and record all meals on my handy dandy phone app ( You can see my food diary here.
  4. Journal everyday – Thoughts and emotions, oooh la la.. My inner Statistician drools at the correlation and possibilities!
  5. A post on here minimum once a day, no matter how detailed or how short, about whatever the hell!!

I originally thought of this idea on the 1st of March, but since I never got around to posting about it then, the first day will be today (aka 3rd of March). And away we go……100Days

(I borrowed this image from a Vancouver “100 day long experience inspired by the unique collaboration of graffiti art and innovative cuisine)


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