Day 0 : Prologue

Just to get a better idea of what this start point is like.
I love coffee. I have a really old, soothing, emotional connection to Coffee and therefore, has been one of those things I have held onto for the last 5 years that I’ve been on the get-fit-train. Citing research about how coffee is good for you became a very convenient half truth (half excuse) I put forth to justify my whole milk lattes with whipped cream and a ton of sugar. I received a lot of weird looks from friends and whoever was close enough to hear the pathetic stories, but none of that is gonna keep me away from Coffee. Stare all you want. Pfffft.

I’ve also had some really shitty coffee, just because I psychologically NEED it and have had busy days where I didn’t even realize I didn’t get my daily cup in. That I rewarded myself with a late night Mocha is a true representation of just how nutty and out of hand this has gotten. I even suggested calling an ex-boyfriend “Mochaccino” because of this obsession “It would be so cute.” I said, “You know how I love coffee and its totally adorable! It would really suit you” There are no words to accurately describe how flummoxed he looked and the face he made at me. Better sense prevailed. Thank God!
To go from Coffee – the love of my life, my best friend, to Green Tea – the Devil in disguise, tasteless ineptitude in a cup, is going to be truly challenging. Or so I tell myself. Another thing is that green tea, with all its beautiful antioxidants and enriching properties, doesn’t give me an out to gorge on sugar. BOO!!! *Hiss hiss*
Being well aware of the merits and demerits of my hot beverages doesn’t make it any easier when in comes to practice. Hence, I choose to practice. I cheated on Coffee with a beautiful, dusky Tulsi Herbal Tea the other day. And I’m seriously considering reigniting my brief, rollercoaster affair with Ginger-Lemon Tea. I also foresee some quality time with Lemongrass-Turmeric Tea and some non-caffeinated herbal teas I spy lurking around the kitchen cabinets. I feel disloyal already. But this is necessary, my relationship with Caffeine is almost abusive in that my body clearly is not doing well with it (I’m shy about posting photos, but you guys, my skin and the bloat is sooooo not cool).
Maybe after this is done, Coffee and I can reach a peaceful settlement – Decaffeinated? Keep watching this space for more!


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