Authentic= Incredible

“Just be yourself!!”
Probably one of the most cliche pieces of advice ever belted out to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Also a statement that’s challenged on every level (if you ever decide to live by the way of authenticity, my experience). No wonder its repeated often. Its frikkin’ hard to be yourself. So often I have no idea who I am.. We spend so much time just reacting to externalities. Other people, thoughts, speech, visual, really any and all kinds of stimulation. Just for fun, one day, some day (in the near future) try this instead.
Watch yourself when you’re alone.
But when was the last time you were alone and observant? I noticed this crazy monkey mind tendency to jump on any and every electronic (or not) distraction.. Spiritual entertainment, music, constant FOMO dragging me down. “What did he say? I wonder what she’s upto? OMG they went there, it looks beautiful!!” (all in a matter of microseconds, of course). That’s when I remember the serenity of my practise. The light bulb went on. “Inhale. Exhale.”
Pivotal: Inhale. Exhale.
Watch that breath. Again. Lather Rinse Repeat.There may be a bit of panic as you realize the sheer velocity of thought. Lets not even get into the volume of thought!! Watch the craziness. Feel the frenzy. Breathe in and gently apply the brakes that force your mind to calm the frak down.
Honestly, the first time I tried it: SCARYYY!
Totally uncharted territory. What do you think of when you don’t think? When you aren’t running on autopilot and auto response, what drives you? Who are you letting you run you and what do you really wanna do instead?
You may still check into your web hangout of choice, this time with clarity.
I’m still trying to cultivate and grow this practise. Of checking in. Double checking sometimes. “What am I doing right now? What am I REALLY up to?” Oftentimes its a means of escape. It may be too soon to know what I’m trying to run away from and why. I find just the awareness of “Oh.. this is an escape!” can be quite uplifting.
Suddenly my energy isn’t sluggish and lethargic. There’s a spark of bubbly lightness. A straw to hold on to. The first rung on my way to Nirvana? How exciting is that!!
Self Discovery is the first and probably the hardest step!
I’m already noticing how much more of “Myself” this is allowing me to be. I say what I need to, when I need to. And OHHHH the acceptance it brings. Of my emotions. Of situations. Of other people and maybe even the S&%! they are going through (we’re all going through something, its a fact!)
Being able to stand up and say what’s on your mind is something to be experienced. I know its hard, it may scare the jeans off you. It seriously helps when you know WHAT you’re standing for. Who you are, by yourself will give you a huge (HUGE) insight into that.
It’s easy to get what we want. The hard part is deciding What.
That’s not the quote I read, it is however the paraphrased version and what stuck with me. Ponder. What do you want? Really, what do you truly, deeply, honestly REALLLLYYYY want? Sit with it for 5 minutes. If it doesn’t make you light up with joy pouring out of your cells, YOU (the real Divine You) may not want it.
And if it does, Go get it!
With Universal Love,


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